Monday, June 23, 2008

Whittington speaks out

I've been in contact through messages, beginning in May, with former Bobcat Bert Whittington about his decision to leave the program. Initially, he was unable to discuss his departure because the coaching staff asked him not to. But now, Whittington has spoken out about his decision to leave and some of his opinions of playing under O'Shea.

On why he left the program:

"Well I just felt if I was to stay with him as head coach I wouldn't play. Me and him were not on the same page at all and the week that our season ended we had meetings with him and allen had left and he thought that was going to make me leave and he said it would be fine if I left as well and he would pay for my last quarter of I took that as if he was pushing me away so I left."

On the Bobcats' five game winning streak:

"When [we] went on the five game winning streak he really let us play man to man defense and that really helped when mike and I played at the same time. The reason we were winning those games is because he let bacari handle the defense and he had nothing to do with that. I feel like if he would of let bacari rhodes and kuwik handle everything we would have made the tourney because they had a better understanding of the game."

On playing time:

"He didn't know who to play at the right times. If he would have played tommy devaughn and asown more we would have had a better chance to win because of tommy shooting and devaughn and asowns atheltic ability...he doesn't give people the opportunity to show what they can do and asown does so good in practice and he just plays favorites in my opinion."

On his decision to leave and the future:

"I wanna come back now I wish I would have waited a little longer..but I am going to try to talk to the new athletic director and the coach to see if he will let me play for him..but if not then I am going to go [to] this naia school by my house cause its closer to my daughter."


Anonymous said...

Bert speaks out. Who does he think was taking the playing time of the players he mentions? Coming back? Too bad you are not eligible academically. You would have had to go to class. You did not get the job done in the classroom. 8 airballs in the last 2 games? You did not get it done on the court either. Good riddance, NAIA all star in the making.

ryan said...

Wow, good stuff, thanks.